3D Printed Furniture Rearranging

It was difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to title this post. Yes, I’m rearranging furniture that has been 3D printed, but only because I want to rearrange that actual furniture in my house. Is that clear as mud?

Let’s start out in my sewing room:

Sewing Room - 6-25-16

(WOW. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it THAT clean! lol)

Currently my sewing room is located on the second floor of my house. From this picture you can tell that I have sloped ceilings (which is a literal pain when I’m cutting fabric and lean over a little too far to double check a measurement). What you can’t tell is that the temperature is not regulated in a decent manner. No matter what the furnace or AC is doing, it is always sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. It’s a little easier to keep warm in the winter, but in the summer when it’s humid outside and stuffy upstairs the only thing I can do is turn on a fan to blow the stuffy hot air around. I refuse to buy a window AC unit because we have central air so I shouldn’t NEED a window unit (I’m very stubborn about certain illogical things). So when I want/need to sew in the summer I have to wear a sweatband on my head and very little else. Luckily my neighbors don’t use their upstairs and keep their blinds closed so I don’t have to worry about anybody actually seeing what I’m not wearing.

We have a room on our first floor that is basically used as a catch-all:

Pink Room - 4-15-19

Jay and I refer to this as ‘the pink room’ for obvious reasons.

“Sweetie, we really need to get the Warthog off of the spare bed in the pink room.” (This sentence has been uttered multiple times in the last six months).

To give full credit where it’s due, Jay has mentioned a few times that I should move my sewing room into the pink room, and my mom has also made this same suggestion. I keep poo-pooing it because I keep my sweaters, tank tops, and long sleeved tops in the dressers in this room. If we moved the dressers upstairs then I would either have to plan ahead and bring the clothes down that I need, or go upstairs to find the top that I’m looking for. I could go through and weed out some of my clothes, but who are we kidding??

In the last few months I’ve actually started to seriously consider moving the rooms around. Not only because of the temperature concerns, but also because I’ve been using king-sized sheets to make receiving blankets and it’s very difficult to maneuver them onto my current cutting table setup. When I mentioned to Jay that I would like to switch the rooms, but I wasn’t sure if all of my sewing furniture would fit correctly he had the perfect solution.

A scale model of the pink room in miniature.

Mini Pink Room - Inside

You can see the two doorways (one’s a closet), the window and the register (which can’t be blocked). We measured the walls and locations of the window, register and doors then Jay drew it up on SketchUp, did whatever he had to do to scale it down, and cut it out. To make it true-to-life you can see that he even painted the walls pink.

Mini Pink Room

Isn’t that cute?

Here’s a comparison to kind of give you an idea of how close it is to scale:

Now do you know how the title of this post fits in?

3D Printed Sewing Room Furniture

3D printed sewing room furniture! I measured everything that I would want in the sewing room and gave Jay the dimensions. I obviously didn’t need them in the exact shapes, I just wanted their footprint for arranging purposes.

Jay even labeled all of them so that I would know which piece is which.

3D Printed Sewing Room Tops

Shoe = Shoe Shelf (the shoe rack my dad built for my sister, but she no longer has room for it so I have it and will use it for my fabric)

Cutting = Cutting table

Pillow = the bookcase that currently holds a bunch of pillowcases

Lace = The shelf where my fabric is currently stored and also where the lace resides

Sewing = My main sewing machine and table (Singer Merritt)

Jay = Super-hunky man that I’m married to (sorry, that was a reflex) This is the table that Jay made me for my birthday a few years ago. It sits next to my sewing machine table and also is where I use my serger.

(blank) = My Singer 301A machine. Somehow this got missed in the first printing of furniture so I had to have Jay print it afterwards.

Here’s a look at that furniture in real life one more time:

Sewing Room - 6-25-16

From left to right.. Lace shelf, Sewing Machine table, Jay’s table, 301A Machine and Cutting table.

Now comes the fun part… arranging the furniture!

Sewing Room 1

Automatically I started by lining up the furniture on the walls. As I’m arranging the pieces I have a few things that I’m keeping in mind:

1) When I’m sewing I use the Jay table to hold my thread, pins, scissors and anything else that I need handy while at the machine. So, no matter where things go in the room I will need the Jay table to be on my right.

2) I can’t cover up the register on the wall. That will be the source of my cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter.

3) The closet in this room is Jay’s and so he must be able to access it without tripping over anything and he has to be able to open the door all the way.

4) I am not very graceful, so I’m trying not to put anything too close to the doorway into the room because if I kick anything more than once I’m going to get irritated.

The above layout will not work. Putting the 301A between the two doors will just be inviting both of us to kick it or run into the cabinet. Also, I’m not sure that I would want my sewing machine table to butt up against the wall. All of my extra fabric wouldn’t be able to hang over the edge. It would become something else for me to try to deal with, and more than likely, curse at.

Let’s try another arrangement:

Sewing Room 2

This arrangement would be nice because my sewing machine would have the natural light from the window. The shelves are easily accessible. Nothing is blocking the closet door (the very left doorway). There would be ample room for my fabric to hang off of my sewing table. I do have two concerns about this layout: 1) Is there enough room around the cutting table so that I won’t be running into it when I walk into the room (it appears to jut halfway into the doorway area) and 2) I forgot to mention that I will still be keeping my treadmill in this room. It sort of folds up (not a really great profile), but it’s got to go somewhere. Since it’s mobile I didn’t have Jay print a piece for it. I would LOVE to put it upstairs, but I don’t really have the ceiling clearance to use it. As it is, I often hit my head on the ceiling fan in the office.

Jay's Room

This is where all of the bedroom furniture will go after I move the office furniture out to the sewing room, and the sewing room furniture downstairs. Do you understand why I want to know where everything will go before we begin to move anything?

Here’s another arrangement:

Sewing Room 5

The treadmill can actually sit in front of the register (that’s where it currently sits) since it doesn’t really block anything except the middle of the room where it’s sticking out. The other thing I forgot to mention is that I’m going to have Jay build a base for my cutting table. I want it raised so that I don’t have as far to lean over (I’m 5’10” so I do a lot of leaning over these surfaces), and also I want wheels on it so that if I want to move it out into the room I can.

Sewing Room 5b

Again, it would be so much easier if I wasn’t worrying about the treadmill, too. And yes, I do use it in the winter so I would like to keep it.

As you can see, I’m spending a lot of time playing with my furniture pieces. I realize that I will still be able to move things around once I get the room loaded, but I’m a Type A personality so I will feel better if I have a solid plan going in.Sewing Room 7

Thanks for hanging out with me while I played with my plastic furniture. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

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Project Linus Blanket #22

Blanket #22:

Project Linus Blanket #22 6-15-19

“Gray or Blue?”

I have to admit something to you. This is the first Project Linus blanket that I’ve disliked the entire time I was working on it, and almost detested it by the time that it was finished. That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? The fault can be laid squarely at the feet of the variegated yarn that I used. Here’s a picture from the last post to remind you:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Yarn

I used Stitch Studio Classic by Nicole (A.C. Moore’s brand of yarn) which I normally LOVE. In fact, the Sky Mix used in the last blanket was this exact same brand. I’m not sure what happened with this yarn (color name is Black Multi), but it felt like I was using Red Heart Super Saver. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but usually the stuff by Nicole is a LOT softer. So I wasn’t happy with how it felt. There was an even bigger issue, though. I was having a Blue/White Dress issue with this yarn. Do you remember the Blue/White Dress controversy?

Blue-Black or White-Gold Dress

This is the dress that some people saw as White/Gold and others saw it as Blue/Black. (I saw it as White/Gold). Well, every time I looked at this stupid yarn I either saw it as a black/gray/white or else I saw it as black/blues/white. Seriously?!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I sat and stared at this yarn to figure out what color it was exactly.

Does it have blue in it:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Blue

Or does it have gray in it:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Gray Detail

It would change depending on what light it was in. In fact, I had spent a LOT of time searching for a really dark navy to go with this yarn. When I started the previous blanket I had originally planned to use the Black Multi instead of the Sky Mix (which was really a much better choice). After I had done my initial band of dark blue I started with the Black Multi and stopped. There didn’t appear to be a bit of blue in it when stitched next to the solid dark blue. It looked odd. So I swapped it out. That’s why I went with the white and black bands for this blanket. Yet, now it looks odd with those colors. *sigh*

I just can’t win. I’m leaving it because the blanket is done and I don’t want to be bothered with it any more. It is what it is.


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A Shawl Shelf and Other Projects

Are you wondering what a ‘shawl shelf’ could possibly be? You’re not alone. Jay was wondering the same thing when I first mentioned it. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a shelf for shawls.

You see, I’m tired of not having anywhere to store my shawls except on top of my dresser.

Bedroom 6-12-19

I don’t want to hang them because I’m afraid they will stretch out. I had some room between my lingerie chest and the wall so I asked Jay to build me a shelf.

Ask and you shall receive…

Shawl Shelf 6-12-19

I told him that it didn’t have to be an exquisite work of art. I just need something utilitarian. We even used some paint that I had sitting around, too.

The inspector came around and gave it her stamp of approval.

Chester Approved Shawl Shelf

As soon as the meow of approval had been given I went ahead and filled it to the brim with every shawl that I own.

Shawl Shelf In Use

Yes, all three of them. Jay saw that and said, “That’s all you wanted it for? Three shawls?!” I told him no, that I have plans for at LEAST three more so the room will definitely be needed! He just shook his head and went back to his work bench.

That isn’t the only project that has been finished lately, either.

Remember this:

Cord Organizer 4-1-19

And I had started to paint it like this:

Cord Organizer 5-16-19

Are you still wondering what in the world that could be? Are you ready? Think about it for a few more seconds… Okay… here it is in use:

Cord Organizer 6-5-19

It’s a charging cord organizer!

I thought the clothes pins would hold the plugs in place so that you could wrap it around the dowel below. I was so tired of having a mess of cords on the desk near where we have the USB outlet in the library.

Cord Organizer Installed

Now I just have the “normal” mess on the desk!

(It really are the little things that make me happy!)

Hold on… I have somebody here who wants to say hello…

Penny Riding in the Basket 6-6-19

Penny is still wearing her Ewok costume, but she was having a good time riding around in the basket of the scooter with her kitten. She especially enjoyed it when Jay would see just how fast the scooter can take corners. The kitten was not as happy.

Anyway, back to the woodworking projects.

The last mystery project that we were working on was this:

Paper Plate Holder 4-1-19

Obviously it’s a shelf of some sort. It’s too small to be a shawl shelf. It’s too big to be a spice rack. What could it be? It’s another utilitarian project that I had asked Jay to make.

This was the problem I was trying to solve:

Paper Plate Cupboard

This is the cupboard above the fridge where we keep our paper plates and bowls. We are tall enough to reach it, but if you wanted a large plate it was kind of a pain to lift everything up with one hand and try to remove a plate with the other.

Here is the Paper Plate Holder in use:

Paper Plate Holder 6-12-19

Isn’t that great?!

And the shelf slides out, too:

Paper Plate Holder In Use

Here’s a tip that I picked up from somewhere… I rubbed a candle against the edges of the shelves to help them move more smoothly in and out of the slot. It waxes the shelf without any kind of grease or residue. The candle that I happened to have on hand was a cinnamon scented one, so it will also smell good! The candle trick also works really well with metal zippers. If your metal zipper isn’t opening and closing as smoothly as it should just rub a candle over the teeth and that will help tremendously!

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Review: Grizzly G0459 12″ Drum Sander

I thought I would write a little review on the latest Grizzly product to enter our house.

The Grizzly G0459 12″ 1-1/2 HP Baby Drum Sander

grizzly drum sander 1-18-19

Jay Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars

This was a Christmas gift this past year. He had been drooling over the Grizzly catalog for MONTHS and when I unstuck the pages I found he had drooled the most over this drum sander.

work shop 1-18-19

You can see it in place near the dust collector in the above picture.

I honestly don’t know how the price of the Grizzly compares with similar models of other brands because I never even considered going anywhere else. I was so impressed that the dust collector had been solidly built with actual metal instead of plastic that I knew I would be happy with the drum sander. And boy, is the drum sander solid!

drum sander 1-18-19

When we got it home Jay removed it from the box thinking that would make it easier to carry downstairs. We wanted to be able to maneuver it down through our inside basement door, but it wouldn’t fit. We had to end up bringing it in through the outside basement entrance. And let me tell you what… this machine was NOT light. Just from the weight of it I would say that there is very little plastic on this machine. I’m a strong farm girl and this almost had me crying uncle!

Here are Jay’s Pros: 1) Saves on having to do a lot of palm sanding 2) the price difference between the 10″ and 12″ is such that you should just go with the 12″. It’s when you double it to 24″ that you really go up in price. I knew that Jay wanted the 12″, but the cheap penny-pinching accountant in me wanted to get him the less expensive 10″. In the end I went with the 12″ because for the price it gives you the most flexibility. I knew if I limited Jay to 10″ that there would be issues.

Cons: 1) the rolls of hook & loop sand paper is expensive 2) The sandpaper doesn’t go as far as you think. However, the sand paper is easier to change (and cheaper as well) than changing a set of knives on a planer.

Favorite feature: It is QUIET! Since the workshop is in the basement he thought this might be an issue, but I can’t tell that he’s using the drum sander even if I’m in the bedroom right above it. We had borrowed my dad’s planer once and luckily we set it up outside because the entire neighborhood heard it within a 12 block radius!

Jay did modify this sander a little bit. Let me show you a picture of it again:

drum sander 1-18-19

The red dust port does not come standard on it. This sander comes with a 2 1/2″ dust port, but Jay removed it, 3D printed a 4″ dust port and retro fitted it to the sander. He said that this has made a tremendous difference in the removal of dust.

That’s another thing to consider, the amount of dust that this puts out is amazing. Jay says that he wouldn’t use this if he didn’t have the dust collector (don’t even try with a shop vac as it won’t be able to keep up at all).

When asked what he would say to somebody who was considering the purchase of one of these machines Jay said, “Keep in mind that it’s a single purpose machine in which you will have a large investment. These aren’t cheap, but they are definitely worth it.”

Another positive thing about the drum sander is that it’s very easy to operate by yourself. The conveyor does all the work of moving the wood through the machine. You just have to make sure that you’re ready to catch it on the other side. This is different than a planer where the knives are what causes the wood to move through the machine and if the wood gets caught or the knives can’t move it through, you have to end up pulling or pushing it through.

So there you have it… Jay’s review on his drum sander. He definitely recommends it and would encourage you to buy one for yourself. He has nothing but good things to say about the Grizzly products that we own.

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Project Linus Blanket #21

Project Linus Blanket #21

Project Linus Blanket #21 6-2-19

“The Night Sky”

When I saw the variegated yarn it reminded me of the sky around the moon at night.

Image by Robert Karkowski from Pixabay - Moon

Image by Robert Karkowski courtesy of Pixabay


Those are my favorite shades of blue, so I knew that I had to have a lot of white running through it in order to represent the brightness of the moon.

I LOVED the variegated yarn. It’s another Nicole Studio yarn that you can find at AC Moore. The color is actually ‘Sky Mix’, but it’s more of a night sky mix.

Project Linus Blanket #21 Detail

I enjoyed working on this one so much that I lost track of where I was and made it longer than my other blankets. Oh well. Maybe an older boy will appreciate its length.

Now it is on to the next blanket. I randomly picked one from the pile:

Kitted Blankets 5-19-19


Blanket #22 (Still Unnamed):

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Yarn


Project Linus Blanket #22 Schematic

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New Windows!

I never thought that I would be a person who could get excited over new windows… but apparently I am. Although we are trying to limit the amount of money we pour into this house (as we’ll never EVER get it all back out) we realized that we needed at least three new windows. Let me attempt to show you what I’m talking about.

First up, the Kitchen window.

Kitchen from Library

From a distance this window looks okay. When you got up close, though, you noticed that it was an old window with the individual glass panes that needed to be re-puttied, and the storm window was the old aluminum variety with a very thin pane of glass. Not to mention it was no longer sealed and bugs were able to get in (but not out…). It was not energy efficient and I never liked to have it open because it just reminded me that it was falling apart.

As of today, we have a new one:

New Kitchen Window 6-3-19

Look at how bright, shiny and clean it is!! I opted to go without the window grid because the rest of the windows in the back of the house don’t have grids. Also, it was a silly amount of money to add them. I’m so happy that I can now open this window if I want and wash it without worrying that I’m going to crack a pane!

In the dining room I had two windows that needed to be replaced.

One faces north:

Dining Room New Walls 2

Again, thin panes of glass partially covered with an aluminum “storm window” and if I wanted to have the window open I would have to use something to prop it open. Also, notice that this doesn’t have window panes?

The west facing window was in horrible shape, too, and we get a LOT of our weather from the west.

Dining Room - New Ceiling 3

This is the same type of window that was above the kitchen sink. I think that this used to be an original window in the back of the house and was moved to this place when the addition was added. If you look closely you can see that the screen is torn. I never opened this window, either. It always made me feel trashy to know that was on my house. But not any more! Now we have BEAUTIFUL windows!

New Dining Room Windows 6-3-19

Aren’t they pretty?? I will put my lace curtains back up once they are out of the dryer, but I’m so happy with how they look!

The new north window:

New North Window 6-3-19

The new west window:

New West Window 6-3-19

I can’t wait until it’s a warm day and I can have all of them open, letting in the fresh air!

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When You Catch ‘The Old’…

It was Memorial Day. I saw Jay filling up a mug of beer.


“The neighbors are having a picnic so I’m heading over there. Do you want to come with me?” he asked as he topped off his glass.

“No, I have some things that I want to do here. Be careful that their dogs don’t sneak out when you go in through their gate. Zeke likes to escape,” I informed him.

“I’m not walking all the way around! I’m going to jump the fence like I always do.”

Cucumbers 7-9-18

“You’re too old to be jumping the fence. Just take the extra time to walk around.”

A gasp escaped his lips. “Too old??” he said in horror. “Do you know what I’ve done in my life? That tiny fence has NOTHING on what I’ve hurdled in the past!”

“I started out canoeing the mighty rapids.”

Jay in a Canoe

“At a young age I was working on the roof.”

Jay up on the roof

“I wasn’t old enough to drive a car so I rode a dirt bike to preschool.”

Easy Rider Jay - 26 months

“Then the energy crisis hit, so I pedaled my bike and possibly jumped a few buses when I arrived at school.”

Cropped Evel Knieval Jay

“I tamed wild beasts.”

Jay and the Beast

“I stared death in the eye and didn’t blink!”

Karen and Jay 1987

“Yes, but Sweetie, you were a LOT younger back then,” I said, trying to reason with him.

“Okay, so maybe I was a bit young, but those were just mild stunts. I’ve done a LOT more in more recent years and didn’t get a scrape.”

I just looked at him.


“You don’t believe me? I’ve dived from the highest diving boards in the country.”

Diving Jay

“I trained pilots in the Navy for three years. Talk about some close calls!”

Jay in the Navy

“I even took my own life in my hands when I built my own airplane and flew it.”

Jay in his plane

“Jay, I’m not talking about flying a plane. I’m talking about jumping over the fence. Your joints can’t take it. You’ll hurt yourself.”

He looked at me and almost tsk’d as he said, “Jumping? I’ve made 748 jumps in my life from a lot higher than 42 inches!”

Jay Skydiving

“One of those jumps was with my own mother!”

Jay and Karen Skydiving

“I think that I know what I’m doing when it comes to jumping!”

<<< A few hours later….>>>

“At least I didn’t spill my beer!”

Jay's Broken Foot 5-30-19

(3 broken bones in his foot and 6-8 weeks off of work)

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