Crocheted Dishcloth Basket

A few weeks ago when I finished the last Project Linus blanket I suddenly decided that I didn’t have enough on my plate. To make things even more interesting I decided that I needed to crochet some dishcloths and pot scrubbers for the Chinese auction at our church festival.

I decided that I would do a different design for each dishcloth.

Dishcloth #1

Wave Dishcloth

This one has some waves and ribs. I like a ‘bumpy’ dishcloth when I’m scrubbing dishes.

Dishcloth #2

Bumpy Dishcloth

I really liked the colors in this one. It has a pointy edge that you can use to get into the nooks and crannies. I found this pattern on Creative Grandma’s YouTube channel. It’s called the ‘Knobby Dishcloth.’

Dishcloth #3

Diagonal Ridges Dishcloth

This is one of my favorite to crochet. It’s done on the diagonal and the ribs make for some nice scrubbing.

Dishcloth #4

Scrubby Dishcloth

This was an experiment. I’ve had a skein of the scrubby yarn that Red Heart released a year ago or so. I tried crocheting it along with the cotton on the hook, but it was too much. I ended up crocheting the scrubby part with just the scrubby yarn. It was a bit difficult to see your stitches, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner.

I knew that I also wanted to include some pot scrubbers because they are wonderful. My mom has crocheted these scrubbers for years using the rough tulle, not the shiny stuff that is used for wedding veils. After getting the pattern from my mom and having her show me how to do it, I managed to make some of my own.


My mom has always used black tulle because as you use it and it gets stained/dirty they won’t show the use. When they are icky you just toss them in the washer with your towels and they are good to go for a while. Because they are made of tulle they are safe to use on your Teflon pans, glass stove tops, and fiberglass bath tubs. These little guys are great.

Then I asked Jay to 3D print a holder for the scrubber to dry near a sink. I have a holder and I love it. This is what Jay came up with:

3D Printed Scrubby Holder

He sized it to nicely fit the scrubber.

Scrubby Holder with Scrubby

Once all of those were done I bought a little bottle of dish detergent to put in the basket. Now I just have to find some kind of bag to put it in and contain it.

Dish Washing Basket

I hope that it appeals to somebody at the festival. I would really like to see these go to a loving home.


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Misc Jay Projects

Jay has been at home for a month with a broken foot.

Jay's Broken Foot 5-30-19

That has definitely limited his ability to work on certain projects. For instance, the lean-to for the airplanes has remained untouched.

Spare Bed 6-21-19

These planes are still resting comfortably on the spare bed.

He has been busy working on various projects, though.

He has quite the artillery unit taking up residence in his work shop.

Artillery 6-21-19

Recently, he has also decided to try his hand at milling some blank rounds for these cannons. They don’t contain any powder, they are just projectiles.

Machined Ammunition 6-28-19

I have given him a few projects of my own to work on.

I wanted a new litter box for the cats and saw that somebody has used a regular plastic tote. I made some measurements and outlined the entrance for him to cut.

Litter Pan 6-26-19

We dragged the platform bird feeder into the house and he has extended the legs on it for me. Hopefully that will keep the possum and/or skunk from pooping in it!

Platform Bird Feeder Extensions 6-28-19

I just have to finish it in order to protect it from the weather.

One other project that I’ve asked him to do is to 3D print a pot scrubber holder for me.

3D Printed Scrubby Holder

I have a square one by my sink and love it.

A few weeks ago we were contacted about one of the airplane kits he has laser cut out of balsa, so he decided to cut out some more kits just in case.

Whizard Kits 6-28-19

Well, it looks like I need to head out to the store. People keep talking about putting their shopping lists on their phones, so I thought I would try it.

Shopping List on Phone

I guess it works. I don’t understand what the big deal is, though. 😉

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Cocktails & Colors – 6-20-19

Let me start of by saying that I’m not an artist. I mean, this should prove my point:

Project Linus Blanket #22 Schematic

When Jay saw that drawing in my post he asked if I wanted him to draw up a template so that my blanket pictures would actually be rectangular. Where’s the fun in that?

In school my worst subjects were science, art and gym. I drew a tiger lily in art class that ended up looking like a big orange banana peel. I think that I received a B- on that one (not a good grade for me). In fact, even when I paint the walls of a room I end up with more paint on me than on the walls. This was just from painting my bathroom ceiling a few weeks ago:

Paint Clothes

Perhaps some of the paint was from other paint projects and not just the bathroom ceiling… but you get the point.

So when I saw an ad for a fundraiser to help the cat sanctuary near where I work, I couldn’t help myself. I suck at painting, but my friend Patty is really good at it. I thought it would at least be a fun experience for the two of us, so I purchased tickets to the Cocktails and Colors program.

At Cocktails and Colors they have an instructor who leads you through the process of painting a certain scene, step-by-step. They don’t provide the cocktails, but you are free to bring your own. Patty and I had done a wrapped wire jewelry class at a winery a few years ago and that had been fun, so I thought we could give this a try.

This is the picture that we are supposed to be painting:

C-C Painting

Isn’t it pretty?

It was an evening event, and Patty and I came prepared for a good time.

C-C Patty and Kerry 6-20-19

I was happy to see that there was quite a turn-out for this event. There must have been around 40 people in attendance. Mostly women, but we had one guy to our left who was there with his girlfriend. They also had one of the shelter cats there, but I didn’t see her because she spent most of her time huddled in her carrier. Apparently she’s not much of an artist, either.

C-C Blank Canvas 6-20-19

Patty brought all kinds of snacky treats, and I brought some of the Woodchuck Hard Cider Rose. It tastes a lot like a sweet blush wine. Also, they were in individual bottles and I wouldn’t have to worry about spilling a big bottle of wine. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cocktail of any kind, so I figured that I would be okay sipping on it for two hours. Patty’s husband, Dave, had offered that he would come pick us up if needed, though. Wasn’t that sweet of him?

We had a good time. I tried to do everything that the instructor was telling and showing us to do, but you know how it goes… if it’s your first time doing anything it’s not going to be perfect. I told Patty that I would just be happy if my painting ended up being some kind of a resemblance of what we were supposed to be painting.

C-C Painting Chemtrail 6-20-19

If I couldn’t get my sun to look like the instructor’s, or if my break-wall didn’t look like hers, I just laughed it off. I didn’t plan to hang this in a museum or get it framed. It was a memento of a fun evening with my friend in celebration of her birthday. There was a lady near us who did not have the same attitude and ended up leaving because she was unhappy that the instructor wasn’t there guiding her every brush stroke. It’s sad that she couldn’t find an angle of fun at all.

As you can see, Patty and I did okay. Actually, I think that Patty did a really great job.

C-C Patty and Kerry Paintings

My reflection on the break-wall sucked. I couldn’t get the paint the right watery consistency. My leaves on the trees are quite anemic. And my sea grass was a bit stunted. I told Patty that was okay. You see, the sea grass had just recently started growing in that area so it’s very immature sea grass. As for the leaves, these trees are infected with that Ash Beetle thing that is boring into the trees and killing them.

On the whole, though, I was happy with my results. After all, you can tell that it’s supposed to be a sunset! I don’t have to call it a piece of abstract art that you must squint at and tilt your head to really pick up the true essence of the painting. Shall we compare?

Gosh, it’s so difficult to tell which is mine and which is the professional’s! It’s a good thing that she signed it in huge letters, otherwise I don’t think I could tell them apart. lol

A lady came walking around to look at everybody’s pictures and when she got to mine she said, “Oh, you have a streak on yours! You can probably get her (the instructor) to help you fix it.” I told the nice lady, “That’s not a streak. That’s a jet making a contrail.”

Sunset Painted Contrail 6-20-19

If you look close, you can see a bit of red at the point of the contrail. That means it’s an Air Canada Rouge plane. I already had anemic trees and stunted grass, I figured that I should add a design detail that both Jay and I could chuckle over. You see, we enjoy sitting on our deck plane-spotting. On good days you can see the purple on the FedEx jets, and the red on the Air Canada Rouge jets. Jay can see other colors on other jets, but my eyes aren’t that good. One of the other ladies had painted a cat silhouette on her picture, so I figured that mine had to have an ode to me and Jay.

Patty and I had a great time. We went there to hang out together and ended up with some fun paintings. It’s definitely something that I would do again.

Sunset Painting 6-20-19

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Roses are Red, Yellow, Purple…

****WARNING – This post is going to be VERY picture heavy****

A few weeks ago I was blogging about my yard and how behind I was in getting everything done. At that time I believe I mentioned that I had sixteen rose bushes. Well, I miscounted and am actually up to eighteen now. I received another one for my birthday from a good friend. I had to add onto my corner rose garden, but I managed to fit it in.

Two weeks ago my rose bushes really started to come to life. Let me show you!

In May my giant rose bush looked quite sad and barren. Now it looks like this:

Full of Roses

This is the rose bush that I had to threaten about four years ago. The first two summers that I lived here it didn’t do anything. I told it that if it didn’t do anything by the third summer I was going to rip it out. As you can see, it took my threat to heart! The only bad thing is that once the blooms are done I have to dead-head this entire bush.

Last year when Jay’s grandma passed away his mom and aunt asked the florist to get two yellow rose bushes so that we could remember her that way. Well, she passed away in the second half of August, so roses were a bit slim for the picking. They weren’t blooming when we got them, but as soon as they started to I realized that they weren’t yellow roses. I was also worried about planting it so late in the summer. I like the rose bushes to get themselves somewhat established before winter comes around. Luckily, this one made it through quite well.

Grandma's Roses

In this same garden I have a rose bush that I bought about three years ago. I call it Boogart’s Rose bush because the flowers look almost like apple blossoms (we had apple blossoms painted on her urn). This rose bush is quite robust, too, so it definitely fits her!

Boogart's Rose Bush

Aren’t they so pretty?

Boogart's Rose

I used a special filter on my camera that makes the colors pop.

The last rose bush in this row is a little peach bush that is very productive, too.

Peach Roses

As you can see, it likes to hang out on the other side of my fence.

The front yard is where I have the majority of my roses. We’ll start in the corner garden.

Corner Rose Garden

Starting in the front we have my only yellow rose bush.

Yellow Roses

This bush is VERY hardy and VERY fragrant. I was standing on the other end of the garden and could smell it. It’s so heavenly!

Sitting behind this one is a newer one, Top Gun.

Top Gun

One of the blooms was already on the way out when I snapped this picture.

I have another climbing rose bush in here that I think must be related to my monster in the other garden.

Red Corner Climber

This one was originally by the corner of my porch, but I didn’t think it would get enough sun there so I moved it. I think that maybe the previous owners had planted it.

I have another climber in here, Don Juan, but he hasn’t done very well the past couple of years.

Corner Climber

You can’t really see him because he’s nestled down in with the corner climber’s canes. (the neighborhood brats kicked my fence last winter and broke it so now we have to fix it… GRRRR)

Next to my Naval Aviator plant I have Peace.


Isn’t she beautiful? So soft! So delicate!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce the newest member of the Corner Rose Garden: Double Delight!

Double Delight

She was my birthday present.

Let’s wander over and take a look at the miniature roses.

Bedroom Roses 5-23-19

This is what they looked like about a month ago or so. Remember I said that I was going to put my Mary statue in here?

Mary's Garden

What do you think?

Painted Mary Statue

I chose to paint her all in white because I like how classic it looks and I also wanted her to really contrast with the red roses.

Mary Statue 6-21-19

How beautiful is she?! Love it!

The last rose garden contains five rose bushes, but I don’t have pictures of all of them.

Wait a minute! What do we have here??

Chipmunk In Fron t of Me 6-22-19

We have an interloper? Do you see the chipmunk at the edge of the grass? As I was trying to take Mary’s picture I heard this rustling. To my left, within 18″ of where I was sitting, is a hydrangea bush and that’s where this critter was rustling. He just came walking out quite unconcerned that I was there. It’s not good when they lose their fear of man!

Anyway, back to my roses…

I have two more climbers, but only pictures of one of them.

Climbing Porch Rose

The red buds belong to the climber. I know for a fact that he’s a relative of the climber in my corner garden. I know this because he sprung up in the spot where the old one had resided prior to being transplanted. I tried moving it a few times (which is how I managed to get a second climber in front of the porch), but this one kept coming back. Since he’s so stubborn I let him stay. I wasn’t going to fight him anymore.

The yellow bud is actually from another birthday rose bush. It’s called White Licorice. Even though it looks yellow, when it actually blooms it will be white with a bit of a greenish tinge. It’s actually quite pretty!

The last picture that I have is of my Purple Rose bush.

Purple Porch Rose

It wasn’t in bloom at the time, but when it did completely open they were gorgeous. This is the cousin of the rose bush that I thought was dead, but really wasn’t. The cousins now sit side-by-side. In fact, the “Dead”  rose bush (now named Lazarus) had a very big and beautiful bloom.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my beautiful roses. As soon as they invent the scratch-and-sniff version of blogs I’ll be sure to add the fragrance. It’s divine!

Until then I’m just going to sit on my front porch swing and enjoy the view of my roses.

Chipmunk Chilling On Swing

Apparently somebody else beat me to it. He was just hanging out on the porch swing, chilling and relaxing. I can’t really blame him. I want to just sit and look at the roses, too!

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3D Printed Furniture Rearranging

It was difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to title this post. Yes, I’m rearranging furniture that has been 3D printed, but only because I want to rearrange that actual furniture in my house. Is that clear as mud?

Let’s start out in my sewing room:

Sewing Room - 6-25-16

(WOW. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it THAT clean! lol)

Currently my sewing room is located on the second floor of my house. From this picture you can tell that I have sloped ceilings (which is a literal pain when I’m cutting fabric and lean over a little too far to double check a measurement). What you can’t tell is that the temperature is not regulated in a decent manner. No matter what the furnace or AC is doing, it is always sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. It’s a little easier to keep warm in the winter, but in the summer when it’s humid outside and stuffy upstairs the only thing I can do is turn on a fan to blow the stuffy hot air around. I refuse to buy a window AC unit because we have central air so I shouldn’t NEED a window unit (I’m very stubborn about certain illogical things). So when I want/need to sew in the summer I have to wear a sweatband on my head and very little else. Luckily my neighbors don’t use their upstairs and keep their blinds closed so I don’t have to worry about anybody actually seeing what I’m not wearing.

We have a room on our first floor that is basically used as a catch-all:

Pink Room - 4-15-19

Jay and I refer to this as ‘the pink room’ for obvious reasons.

“Sweetie, we really need to get the Warthog off of the spare bed in the pink room.” (This sentence has been uttered multiple times in the last six months).

To give full credit where it’s due, Jay has mentioned a few times that I should move my sewing room into the pink room, and my mom has also made this same suggestion. I keep poo-pooing it because I keep my sweaters, tank tops, and long sleeved tops in the dressers in this room. If we moved the dressers upstairs then I would either have to plan ahead and bring the clothes down that I need, or go upstairs to find the top that I’m looking for. I could go through and weed out some of my clothes, but who are we kidding??

In the last few months I’ve actually started to seriously consider moving the rooms around. Not only because of the temperature concerns, but also because I’ve been using king-sized sheets to make receiving blankets and it’s very difficult to maneuver them onto my current cutting table setup. When I mentioned to Jay that I would like to switch the rooms, but I wasn’t sure if all of my sewing furniture would fit correctly he had the perfect solution.

A scale model of the pink room in miniature.

Mini Pink Room - Inside

You can see the two doorways (one’s a closet), the window and the register (which can’t be blocked). We measured the walls and locations of the window, register and doors then Jay drew it up on SketchUp, did whatever he had to do to scale it down, and cut it out. To make it true-to-life you can see that he even painted the walls pink.

Mini Pink Room

Isn’t that cute?

Here’s a comparison to kind of give you an idea of how close it is to scale:

Now do you know how the title of this post fits in?

3D Printed Sewing Room Furniture

3D printed sewing room furniture! I measured everything that I would want in the sewing room and gave Jay the dimensions. I obviously didn’t need them in the exact shapes, I just wanted their footprint for arranging purposes.

Jay even labeled all of them so that I would know which piece is which.

3D Printed Sewing Room Tops

Shoe = Shoe Shelf (the shoe rack my dad built for my sister, but she no longer has room for it so I have it and will use it for my fabric)

Cutting = Cutting table

Pillow = the bookcase that currently holds a bunch of pillowcases

Lace = The shelf where my fabric is currently stored and also where the lace resides

Sewing = My main sewing machine and table (Singer Merritt)

Jay = Super-hunky man that I’m married to (sorry, that was a reflex) This is the table that Jay made me for my birthday a few years ago. It sits next to my sewing machine table and also is where I use my serger.

(blank) = My Singer 301A machine. Somehow this got missed in the first printing of furniture so I had to have Jay print it afterwards.

Here’s a look at that furniture in real life one more time:

Sewing Room - 6-25-16

From left to right.. Lace shelf, Sewing Machine table, Jay’s table, 301A Machine and Cutting table.

Now comes the fun part… arranging the furniture!

Sewing Room 1

Automatically I started by lining up the furniture on the walls. As I’m arranging the pieces I have a few things that I’m keeping in mind:

1) When I’m sewing I use the Jay table to hold my thread, pins, scissors and anything else that I need handy while at the machine. So, no matter where things go in the room I will need the Jay table to be on my right.

2) I can’t cover up the register on the wall. That will be the source of my cool air in the summer and hot air in the winter.

3) The closet in this room is Jay’s and so he must be able to access it without tripping over anything and he has to be able to open the door all the way.

4) I am not very graceful, so I’m trying not to put anything too close to the doorway into the room because if I kick anything more than once I’m going to get irritated.

The above layout will not work. Putting the 301A between the two doors will just be inviting both of us to kick it or run into the cabinet. Also, I’m not sure that I would want my sewing machine table to butt up against the wall. All of my extra fabric wouldn’t be able to hang over the edge. It would become something else for me to try to deal with, and more than likely, curse at.

Let’s try another arrangement:

Sewing Room 2

This arrangement would be nice because my sewing machine would have the natural light from the window. The shelves are easily accessible. Nothing is blocking the closet door (the very left doorway). There would be ample room for my fabric to hang off of my sewing table. I do have two concerns about this layout: 1) Is there enough room around the cutting table so that I won’t be running into it when I walk into the room (it appears to jut halfway into the doorway area) and 2) I forgot to mention that I will still be keeping my treadmill in this room. It sort of folds up (not a really great profile), but it’s got to go somewhere. Since it’s mobile I didn’t have Jay print a piece for it. I would LOVE to put it upstairs, but I don’t really have the ceiling clearance to use it. As it is, I often hit my head on the ceiling fan in the office.

Jay's Room

This is where all of the bedroom furniture will go after I move the office furniture out to the sewing room, and the sewing room furniture downstairs. Do you understand why I want to know where everything will go before we begin to move anything?

Here’s another arrangement:

Sewing Room 5

The treadmill can actually sit in front of the register (that’s where it currently sits) since it doesn’t really block anything except the middle of the room where it’s sticking out. The other thing I forgot to mention is that I’m going to have Jay build a base for my cutting table. I want it raised so that I don’t have as far to lean over (I’m 5’10” so I do a lot of leaning over these surfaces), and also I want wheels on it so that if I want to move it out into the room I can.

Sewing Room 5b

Again, it would be so much easier if I wasn’t worrying about the treadmill, too. And yes, I do use it in the winter so I would like to keep it.

As you can see, I’m spending a lot of time playing with my furniture pieces. I realize that I will still be able to move things around once I get the room loaded, but I’m a Type A personality so I will feel better if I have a solid plan going in.Sewing Room 7

Thanks for hanging out with me while I played with my plastic furniture. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

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Project Linus Blanket #22

Blanket #22:

Project Linus Blanket #22 6-15-19

“Gray or Blue?”

I have to admit something to you. This is the first Project Linus blanket that I’ve disliked the entire time I was working on it, and almost detested it by the time that it was finished. That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? The fault can be laid squarely at the feet of the variegated yarn that I used. Here’s a picture from the last post to remind you:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Yarn

I used Stitch Studio Classic by Nicole (A.C. Moore’s brand of yarn) which I normally LOVE. In fact, the Sky Mix used in the last blanket was this exact same brand. I’m not sure what happened with this yarn (color name is Black Multi), but it felt like I was using Red Heart Super Saver. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but usually the stuff by Nicole is a LOT softer. So I wasn’t happy with how it felt. There was an even bigger issue, though. I was having a Blue/White Dress issue with this yarn. Do you remember the Blue/White Dress controversy?

Blue-Black or White-Gold Dress

This is the dress that some people saw as White/Gold and others saw it as Blue/Black. (I saw it as White/Gold). Well, every time I looked at this stupid yarn I either saw it as a black/gray/white or else I saw it as black/blues/white. Seriously?!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I sat and stared at this yarn to figure out what color it was exactly.

Does it have blue in it:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Blue

Or does it have gray in it:

Project Linus Blanket #22 - Gray Detail

It would change depending on what light it was in. In fact, I had spent a LOT of time searching for a really dark navy to go with this yarn. When I started the previous blanket I had originally planned to use the Black Multi instead of the Sky Mix (which was really a much better choice). After I had done my initial band of dark blue I started with the Black Multi and stopped. There didn’t appear to be a bit of blue in it when stitched next to the solid dark blue. It looked odd. So I swapped it out. That’s why I went with the white and black bands for this blanket. Yet, now it looks odd with those colors. *sigh*

I just can’t win. I’m leaving it because the blanket is done and I don’t want to be bothered with it any more. It is what it is.


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A Shawl Shelf and Other Projects

Are you wondering what a ‘shawl shelf’ could possibly be? You’re not alone. Jay was wondering the same thing when I first mentioned it. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a shelf for shawls.

You see, I’m tired of not having anywhere to store my shawls except on top of my dresser.

Bedroom 6-12-19

I don’t want to hang them because I’m afraid they will stretch out. I had some room between my lingerie chest and the wall so I asked Jay to build me a shelf.

Ask and you shall receive…

Shawl Shelf 6-12-19

I told him that it didn’t have to be an exquisite work of art. I just need something utilitarian. We even used some paint that I had sitting around, too.

The inspector came around and gave it her stamp of approval.

Chester Approved Shawl Shelf

As soon as the meow of approval had been given I went ahead and filled it to the brim with every shawl that I own.

Shawl Shelf In Use

Yes, all three of them. Jay saw that and said, “That’s all you wanted it for? Three shawls?!” I told him no, that I have plans for at LEAST three more so the room will definitely be needed! He just shook his head and went back to his work bench.

That isn’t the only project that has been finished lately, either.

Remember this:

Cord Organizer 4-1-19

And I had started to paint it like this:

Cord Organizer 5-16-19

Are you still wondering what in the world that could be? Are you ready? Think about it for a few more seconds… Okay… here it is in use:

Cord Organizer 6-5-19

It’s a charging cord organizer!

I thought the clothes pins would hold the plugs in place so that you could wrap it around the dowel below. I was so tired of having a mess of cords on the desk near where we have the USB outlet in the library.

Cord Organizer Installed

Now I just have the “normal” mess on the desk!

(It really are the little things that make me happy!)

Hold on… I have somebody here who wants to say hello…

Penny Riding in the Basket 6-6-19

Penny is still wearing her Ewok costume, but she was having a good time riding around in the basket of the scooter with her kitten. She especially enjoyed it when Jay would see just how fast the scooter can take corners. The kitten was not as happy.

Anyway, back to the woodworking projects.

The last mystery project that we were working on was this:

Paper Plate Holder 4-1-19

Obviously it’s a shelf of some sort. It’s too small to be a shawl shelf. It’s too big to be a spice rack. What could it be? It’s another utilitarian project that I had asked Jay to make.

This was the problem I was trying to solve:

Paper Plate Cupboard

This is the cupboard above the fridge where we keep our paper plates and bowls. We are tall enough to reach it, but if you wanted a large plate it was kind of a pain to lift everything up with one hand and try to remove a plate with the other.

Here is the Paper Plate Holder in use:

Paper Plate Holder 6-12-19

Isn’t that great?!

And the shelf slides out, too:

Paper Plate Holder In Use

Here’s a tip that I picked up from somewhere… I rubbed a candle against the edges of the shelves to help them move more smoothly in and out of the slot. It waxes the shelf without any kind of grease or residue. The candle that I happened to have on hand was a cinnamon scented one, so it will also smell good! The candle trick also works really well with metal zippers. If your metal zipper isn’t opening and closing as smoothly as it should just rub a candle over the teeth and that will help tremendously!

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